Friday, March 16, 2007

Here's looking at you!

Nemo is looking at you!

He's so happy his moms are home! They are working on making projects again. :) They just finished a custom felted bag, and now they have an order for another hookworm scarf! The hookworm scarf was a special custom order project, and now they need to make another one! The first one was Harry the Hookworm. He went to Florida:

Harry has little teeth, just like a hookworm, and a hook at the end of his tail that can be hooked into his mouth. He is made from 100% merino wool Malabrigo yarn from Uruguay.

The next Hookworm will be named Harvey, in honor of his new owner. More nematode (worm) scarves will be forthcoming, along with other "animate"/"animal" scarves... Mom is thinking of a snake for sure (maybe a Basilisk?), maybe something like a fox? A vote was also put in for a sperm. ;) So, they are off to the yarn store to buy more yarn. We've never been, but they like to go to Busy Hands on Main St in Ann Arbor. They are nice to Crochet-ers! (unlike some other stores that think Knitting is the only worthwhile yarn art.)

So, pictures of Harvey Hookworm will be coming soon, along with pictures of Mom's newest geometric crochet project. You'll probably see them in the Etsy shop too--along with the custom felted bag, which is based off the Woodstock design.

Mom was working on finishing the bag while she was in Tucson, AZ. Here are a couple pictures she took while she was there:

These were taken at the Desert Museum west of Tucson-- looking southwest towards the mountains in Mexico and a close up of some flowers. Mom got a lot of good pictures in Tucson, and some might end up on an ACEO in the store!

Well, we'd love to hear your comments, and our moms would love suggestions on scarf-animals people would like to see, etc. Right now, it's time to snuggle up in bed. 'Night night all!

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