Monday, December 31, 2007

Feature-Mini 35: Witty Workshop

Today's Etsy seller:

Valerie, the creative force behind Witty Workshop, is from Montreal, Canada (et elle parle francais, bien sur!). She is inspired by childerns' universes when she draws, capturing moments and memories!

You can learn more about her whimsical art on her blog.

Lazy Cat features

While we've been off cat-napping for the holidays, more Etsians are featuring Lazy Cat!

QuirkynBerkeley's blog


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Meow-y Christmas!

... and a Happy Mew Year!

We're on a little holiday break at the moment, but we'll be back in a few days.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Fashion Match-Up 5: Ruby

We saved the most festive (red) for last! This will be our last holiday fashion match-up, as the holiday season is almost upon us! Only 1 weekend left to finish out that holiday shopping and pick up a snazzy outfit for Christmas or New Year's Eve!

The Sunset Boulevard necklace and earrings set captures the deep reds of "ruby" in its garnet, cherry quartz, and Swarovski crystals, accented with black onyx.

Now for the Banana Republic outfit to go with it....

This Silk assymetrical dress in hearth red will beautifully compliment the cherry quartz in the Sunset Boulevard. To carry the black accents through the outfit, add the
Alexis ruched platform shoes in black. The slingback keeps them light and strappy, while the ruching compliments the gathering of the dress. Stay chic with the cute Kensington lady bag in black as a simple finish.

Now you're ready to party this holiday season in style! There is no excuse for looking frumpy!

That wraps it up for the Holiday Fashion series. However, our match-ups will return as the new season of clothes arrive in stores! Go out there and stock up on the great sales, and have a fabulous holiday season!

Love, your Feline Fashionistas!
(Tim Gunn eat your heart out!)

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feature-Mini 34: CSerpent

Today's Etsy seller:

Susan is inspired by the world around her-- a collection of towels inspired her to dive into her bead collection and create theGrounded Purple bracelet. "CSerpent" really does stand for sea serpent--her husband gave her that nickname when they were scuba diving.

You can learn more about her unique, beautiful pieces on her blog.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feature-Mini 33: Tiffany Teske

Today's Etsy seller:

Tiffany is inspired by everything, including "civilization and how it invades nature, in patterns and textures both organic and inorganic, by all things vintage and historic, by animals in the wild..." Seeing as she is from Banff, it is not surprising she finds inspiration everywhere! You can see her amazing photography-based pieces in her shop, and find more of her romantic, emotive pieces on her blog.

Remember--you have to work hard to be successful!

Read about LazyCat....

LazyCat has been featured on

StaciRose's Blog (in a twist of simultaneity)
Signature Sterling's Blog
Dharma Designs' Blog

Drop by and check it out, and don't forget to read their features on our site too!
Meow! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Feature-Mini 32: Staci Rose

Today's Etsy seller:

To create her unique jewelry and gifts, Staci Rose "follows the beads"--whatever texture or experience they evoke in her! Or, maybe she needs something to wear with a particular outfit! Be sure to check out the one-of-a kind pieces she has created, and read more about her on her blog.

Staci's advice: "Let your creativity go where it wants, keep your loved ones close, and make sure you hold onto your sense of humor!"


Well, it sure did snow a lot here in Michigan! We had close to 10 inches! We hoped that we would get a snow day here with our moms--what a great day to stay home and craft!--but apparently the hospital and the university don't have snow days.

We did get to play a bit in the snow ourselves, though. You can see Nemo is a snow cat (he must have some Maine Coon roots), but Mittens doesn't like it too much! Those big paws get cold so fast! He doesn't have the winter coat and little tufts of fur on his paws like Nemo does!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Feature-Mini 31: Sparkly Strandz

Next Etsy Feature:

SparklyStrandz is a lover of cats and crochet, just like our moms! She loves to make custom and/or sparkly pieces and match them to fabrics she sees. She has a cat like Nemo named Gatsby, too. Learn more on her blog.

Her advice: "Just keep doing what you love!"

Etsy in the NYTimes...

Wanna read more about Etsy? Check out this New York Times article!

Also, Etsy reps will be on the Rachael Ray show, airing tomorrow Dec 18! Don't forget to tune in!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Feature Mini 30: Celtic Goddess Jewelry

Now featuring:

Andee creates beautiful exquisite jewelry inspired by Nature, the human body, Buddhism, and Goddess-inspired spirituality, along with art, photography, and sculpture. The Celtic imagery comes from her own Celtic heritage. Learn more on her blog.

Andee's advice: "Don't stress about small stuff. Just go and create something beautiful!"

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feature Mini 29: Giftbearer

Our next feature:

Pippit is the creator behind the 90-in-90 Etsy feature challenge. She is an accomplished artist in many mediums, including acrylics, watercolor, drawing, clay sculpture, and jewelry. Her Etsy store focuses mostly on her innovative jewelry, and you can see the Native American influences in these refined pieces: "Tribal is Beautiful". Learn more about all of her art on her blog.

Her advice: Don't play it safe-- keep innovating and developing yourself as an artist!

Fame! I wanna live forever...

(Sure, that's why cats have 9 lives!)

Last night the Victoria Necklace was featured on the front page of Etsy! Hooray for LazyCat! Now it has over 1000 views!

another blog feature for Lazy Cat:

We cats are sitting by the window, waiting for all of the paparazzi to come camp out on our front lawn!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Feature-Mini 28: Elements By Dawn

Our next feature:

Dawn creates elegant, classic jewelry pieces. Her attention to pattern, texture, color, and form are evident in the clean lines of her work. She is particular interested in creating stunning circular pieces that represent the eternal. Learn more on her blog!

Her advice: Never lose the focus of your artistic vision and dreams!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feature-Mini 27: Catldy99

Now featuring:

Judy creates her colorful, whimisical lampwork beads and jewelry in Portland, OR. It is apparent from her work that she isn't a "photographic realist"--her work is influenced by the works of Impressionist painters such as Van Gogh and Matisse. Learn more on her blog.

She also makes adorable lampwork cat beads (obviously our favorites)!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feature-Mini 26: Kuddle Bugz Threadz

Our next Etsy-an:

If you think raising twin girls under the age of two would be hard, imagine trying to run a successful Etsy shop while doing it! Well, Toni is able to do all that while living in North Pole, Alaska. How does she do it? She draws upon her own experience as a mother and listens to other mothers when they suggest new baby items that would make their lives easier to create her adorable, clever items. These are the unique, cuddly products you can find at KuddleBugzThreadz. Learn more on her blog.

Toni says: Don't give up! Remember, your persistance will pay off!

Cats helping out

We (Nemo and Mittens) are still crafting away! Mittens loves to help with the light box. "I am ready for my close-up now." He thinks he is a fashion model.
Nemo has been the supervisor and director. "A little more to the right... no, to the left.... there, Perfect!"

Cats are getting ready for Christmas and getting our wish lists in order! We'd like some catnip toys, milk-y, crunchy treats, and some mice to chase! Plus, we can't wait to have more time to spend with our mamas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feature-Mini 25: Coconut Palm Designs

Now Featuring:

Combining Canadian woodworking with Belizean woods, Joanne has meshed her roots with her current surroundings to create beautiful wood-carved signs! Let the warm of CoconutPalmDesigns welcome you into your home! Read more about Joanne on her blog.

An amusing little nugget of wisdom: Make things you like because if you spend time doing something you don't really like that is bound to be the thing everyone else loves and wants you to make over and over.

Holiday Fashion Match-up 4: Onyx

Holiday Fashion Match-Up 4 is dedicated to the black and white look-- even with all the color this season, you still need something to wear to the Black and White ball!

Begin your look with the Sydney necklace and earrings set, in Black agate, Black onyx, and Freshwater pearls.

For the rest of the outfit, we again take you to Banana Republic, where we find inspiration for some of the pieces you see in our Etsy store.

We suggest the silk rose-print pleated strapless top to carry the circular black and white pattern of the necklace. If you don't have bold colors, go for bold patterns! Then pair the drapy top with the chic, fitted contour jackson wide-leg satin trim pant.

Now you're ready to pair that with the simple 'Arianna' ankle-strap sandal. Don't forget to carry your black Kensington canvas tote to complete the look!

If you're really clever, paint your toenails black with little modern-art-inspired white circles to carry the theme!

Now, what makes a more perfect gift for her than a complete outfit for that special holiday event? Not much, that's for sure!

Who knew cats could be such fashion-istas! Project Runway, here we come!


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Feature-Mini 24: Cryztal Visions

Now Featuring:

Inspired by nature and the world around her, Beth, the creator of Cryztal Visions, has been making jewelry for almost 20 years. Her fluid, organic pieces draw on both the beauty and the healing energies of the crystals and gemstones with which she creates. Don't forget to check out her website and learn more about her on her blog.
Wondering what the "Z" stands for? It's an homage to an early teacher who always said "Creezzzztals".

See more LazyCat!

LazyCat has been chosen to have banners on blogs beyond the 90-in-90 features. Go see!

Stacy Butterfli
Cute Indie Finds

Hooray for our mommies! People love their shop! Meow!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Feature-Mini 23: Silver Dragon

Today's Feature-Mini Etsy-er:

Patricia, the artist behind SilverDragon, has a diverse, yet art-centered, background, as a ballerina, artist, illustrator, and astronomer. One can see how all of these contribute to her influences: beauty, design, and experimentation. Her spectacular beadweaving pieces have evolved from a very early love of Native American art. You can learn more about her on her blog.

Her advice: Keep learning, keep working, and avoid any negativity!

Blog-Love for Lazy Cat

We're racking up the 90-in-90 features!

Tiffany Teske's Blog
Sparkly Strandz Blog

Drop by and let us know what you think!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Feature-Mini 22: Creative Sundries

The next featured Etsy artist:

The mother-daughter team of Creative Sundries are clearly inspired by the materials they use in their designs: vintage papers; game pieces; Mexican loteria cards, and vintage and antique jewelry. Each piece has its own unique, compelling style. Learn more on their blog!

Carol and Sarah's advice: Use your matierals! Aspire to be as free and creative as children.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Feature-Mini 21: Adornments By BJ

Today's Feature-Mini:

"Creativity in Jewelry Involves Passion for the Art"--The creativity in this shop is certainly apparent! Each piece has a unique style to fit an individual's personality. Browse though her collection and see what speaks to you! Believing in the metaphysical value of gemstones and crystals, BJ uses these materials with limitless possibilities to create beautiful designs

Learn more in Adornments By BJ's blog!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Feature-Mini 20: Studio Marcy

Today's Featured Etsy Artist:

Marcy makes whimsical, beautiful glass beads and sculptures that are influenced by the world around her--you may recognize some cardinals from her yard! She has some amusing Christmas beads right now that would make adorable little ornaments! Learn more about Marcy and her glass art on her blog!

She reminds us, "when your head, heart and soul are in a piece, it shows"-- so do what you enjoy!

Check out this cute little cat bead!

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Meow we are popular! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Have yourself an Etsy little Christmas...

The 12 days of Ets-Mas (X-mas)

On the first day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me:
A partridge in a pear tree (rohmer)

On the second day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 2 turtle doves (Feltathome)
On the third day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 3 french hens (margin)

On the fourth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 4 calling birds (tummyache)
On the fifth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 5 golden rings (gemmafactrix)
On the sixth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 6 geese-a-laying (JulietKing)

On the seventh day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 7 swans-a-swimming (foxyandwinston)
On the eighth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 8 maids-a-milking (Bathlife)
On the ninth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 9 ladies dancing (jewelrybytara)
On the tenth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 10 lords-a-leaping (celticrosedesigns)

On the eleventh day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 11 pipers piping (MundoGominola)
On the twelveth day of Ets-mas a handmade gift for me: 12 drummers drumming (unicornkidsstudios)

Hooray for an Etsy Christmas (tree) gift guide from LazyCat! Now go fill your gift list with handmade goodies! Hooray for buying handmade!

Feature-Mini 19: Elle Belle On Etsy

Let's learn more about:

Stacey's boutique childern's wear boasts that it is for for "chic mommies and pampered babies"--and one look in the store proves that assertion! With pieces inspired by her own childern, she has created items that she would (have) like(d) as a mother herself! Learn more about Ellebelleonetsy at her blog. Outfit your baby with handmade loveliness today!

We just have to point out this funny "Etsy Widower" T-shirt... sometimes that's how our mommies make us feel!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Fashion Match-up 3: Emerald

The Santiago necklace captures the bright jewel tones of this holiday season (think Emerald and Amethyst!)

You'll be ready to experience all that Chile has to offer-- from the verdant fields to a bustling urban mecca-- with the Santiago! The Santiago is designed to highlight the natural beauty of Malachite. Measuring 17 inches, this necklace is hand-crocheted on silver wire and finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. Elegant 1 inch drop earrings are included with the set.

Now, where shall you go shop to find something to match this lovely piece? Banana Republic, of course! Here is our holiday match-up to get you started:

The tartan green silk cotton kimono top, matched with black martin velvet city pants, and black "Lucille" plaid peep-toe pumps, plus the black Carlyle large satchel.
Vibrance and elegance-- go from work straight out to a holiday party -- with this versatile look! Think of it as a gift for yourself this holiday season.
We may be Tim Gunn's favorite felines! :)
Previous Holiday Fashion Match-ups: Sapphire and Diamond

Feature-Mini 18: A Lil Sumptin Sumptin

Today's featured artist:

"Wearable-art-with-heart": That's how Alilsumptinsumptin characterizes her pieces. It is apparently that her love for flower gardens and dogs (and some cats!) inspire her work. She includes a number of wonderful artisan lampwork beads from other artists. Additionally 100% of the sale price of her "Paws for a Good Cause" items are donated to the US Humane Society! Check out her store, and help an animal while you shop! You can learn more on her website and blog.

A Lil advice: Do what makes YOU happy!

We cats have to point out a few cat items that will help support our fellow shelter kitties: A Tuxedo cat necklace and this Cat paw print heart necklace! As kitties who came from the shelter, we think it is very important to support shelter kitties and help them get adopted!

Here is our picture right after we came home:

Monday, December 3, 2007

Feature-Mini 17: EarthCharms

The next feature is on:

What has embedded itself in Kristen's subconscious these days? You only need look in her shop to find out which songs, sounds, or seasons have inspired her. Her colorful, glittery jewelry is both fun and flirtly as well as charming and earthy (hence her shop name!). Intrigued? Want to know more? Just check out her blog or her website!

Her advice: "Never say no to the muse!"

Lazy Cat in the News!

Extra! Extra!

Giftbearer's Blog
Cryztal Visions Creations' Blog
and mini feature:
Staci Rose's blog

Read all about it!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Feature-Mini 16: Personal Treasures

The next Feature-Mini is:

Phyllis Mufson is the mastermind behind Personal Treasures and Mufi Jewels. Her previous career in textile art clearly influences her jewelry designs: she is very aware of how her jewelry "drapes" on its wearer. You can learn more on her blog and website.

As a certified career coach, Phyllis has experience in small business consulting. She really wants people to find the best venue to create their livelihood.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Feature-Mini 15: Kalicat

For this Feature-Mini, it's another "cat" from the UK!

You will find elegant, feminine, curvacious, organic jewelry pieces in Kalicat's Etsy Shop. Influenced by her mood, she often creates pieces around a particular gemstone, reveling in the harmony she feels with it. You can see some of her artwork on website and blog.

Her advice: "Listen to your demons.... Create what you like, and set your own trends!"