Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Etsy Accomplishment

RightAsRainCreations once said that she had 3 Etsy goals: To have an item on the front page (check); sell 100 items (ok, we're at 22); and to have a treasury on the front page-- well, our moms just accomplished the last one! Since it will only be up for half a day, here is a screen shot of it (the theme is Robins, obviously because we cats love our birdies!)

Actually, early this spring, whole flocks of robins would come sit on our tree near the birdfeeder and puff up really big to stay warm. We loved to chase them and chatter at them through the windows! We sure love to watch the robins. They are always the first birdies to show up for the spring, it seems. Hooray for spring!

And hooray for mom's front page!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

More features!

Guess what? Our moms have been featured in another blog!

This one is Nicannmardee Designs: http://nicannmardee.blogspot.com/

Hooray! Check out our April feature on her blog! :)

Moms have been busy making more and more necklaces and getting their Spring "line" out! They are trying to find different art and craft fairs/shows that they can go to this summer. They also want to try to sell some of their items in some local (Ann Arbor, MI and Philly, PA) boutiques.

They recently competed in the Winter beading challenge--their items got lots of nice comments, but didn't win the big prize. Oh well. Here are pictures of their two entries:

Winter Garden Necklace and Earrings Set and Vancouver Beaded Felted (Fulled) Purse: