Monday, February 16, 2009

Project updates!

Well, here are the current updates on our projects!
We finished the Alchemy brown-pearl necklace, and you can see how it turned out:

We were very happy with it, and I hope our client is too!

Second, we are making good project on our Sunflower Granny Squares afghan. We have finished all the squares and have organized them all into the full blanket. (I know, I should have remember to take a picture!) Now we are working on stitching all the squares together. More progress photos to come, as I think the blanket will be done very soon!


ennadoolf said...

I'm kind of glad you didn't take a photo of the blanket before it's done - now we'll be able to Ooh and Aww over it when it is done! :)

Clotilde said...

That afghan is beautiful, a labor of love. I know, because I've been working with grannies lately for a purse for my sister. Keep up the good work!