Sunday, August 19, 2007

Custom Bridal Collection

Our moms worked so hard this weekend! In addition to completing the consignment collection, they also completed an order for custom bridal pieces: 4 necklace-earring-bracelet sets and 2 additional pairs of earrings.

Here is a picture of the whole collection:

For the bride (freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals):

For the maid of honor (freshwater pearls, amethyst, and Swarovski crystals):

For the mother of the bride (Swarovski crystals):

For the mother of the groom (fiber optic beads and Swarovski crystals):
The two pairs of gift earrings:

Our moms are so happy about how the jewelry turned out!

We all worked so hard this weekend, and now we are pooped! Time for sleeping--goodnight!

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Rosy said...

wow.........your moms collection was really fantastic.