Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our consignment display!

Our moms finally brought home some pictures of their jewelry for sale at Suwanee Springs in Ann Arbor! We thought you would like to see the pictures too. :) Then, you can head on over to Main St to see them in person!

The display case contains the Sunset Blvd (red quartz, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals), the London (blue goldstone, hematite, blue adventurine, and Swarovski crystals), the Madrid flame jasper, red jasper, black agate, bloodstone, and Swarovski crystals), the Kalahari (Botswana Agate), and the Athens (lemon chrysoprase, serpentine jade, Swarovski crystals):

The Innsbruck (snowflake obsidian, black onyx) was displayed on a mannequin by the entrance door:

And the Sedona (goldstone) was displayed on a torso mannequin by above the clothing rack by the cash register:

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