Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Fashion Match-Up 5: Ruby

We saved the most festive (red) for last! This will be our last holiday fashion match-up, as the holiday season is almost upon us! Only 1 weekend left to finish out that holiday shopping and pick up a snazzy outfit for Christmas or New Year's Eve!

The Sunset Boulevard necklace and earrings set captures the deep reds of "ruby" in its garnet, cherry quartz, and Swarovski crystals, accented with black onyx.

Now for the Banana Republic outfit to go with it....

This Silk assymetrical dress in hearth red will beautifully compliment the cherry quartz in the Sunset Boulevard. To carry the black accents through the outfit, add the
Alexis ruched platform shoes in black. The slingback keeps them light and strappy, while the ruching compliments the gathering of the dress. Stay chic with the cute Kensington lady bag in black as a simple finish.

Now you're ready to party this holiday season in style! There is no excuse for looking frumpy!

That wraps it up for the Holiday Fashion series. However, our match-ups will return as the new season of clothes arrive in stores! Go out there and stock up on the great sales, and have a fabulous holiday season!

Love, your Feline Fashionistas!
(Tim Gunn eat your heart out!)

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