Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Fashion Match-up 3: Emerald

The Santiago necklace captures the bright jewel tones of this holiday season (think Emerald and Amethyst!)

You'll be ready to experience all that Chile has to offer-- from the verdant fields to a bustling urban mecca-- with the Santiago! The Santiago is designed to highlight the natural beauty of Malachite. Measuring 17 inches, this necklace is hand-crocheted on silver wire and finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. Elegant 1 inch drop earrings are included with the set.

Now, where shall you go shop to find something to match this lovely piece? Banana Republic, of course! Here is our holiday match-up to get you started:

The tartan green silk cotton kimono top, matched with black martin velvet city pants, and black "Lucille" plaid peep-toe pumps, plus the black Carlyle large satchel.
Vibrance and elegance-- go from work straight out to a holiday party -- with this versatile look! Think of it as a gift for yourself this holiday season.
We may be Tim Gunn's favorite felines! :)
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Giftbearer said...

How about matching up with somebody in the challenge. There are some great handbags and clothing right here that will go with the jewelry.

Phyllis said...

I think this is a really creative post. Loved the idea of finding items to match up.