Sunday, February 25, 2007

Geometric Crochet: Results!

Here are some pictures of my first geometric crochet attempt-- a hyperbolic plane in dark blue, dark purple, and red that I am calling "The Floral Reef":

This piece was made with acrylic yarn and stitched with an H-hook using the N=4 pattern. It has 12 rows: 7 of dark blue, 3 of purple, and 2 of red. The number red stitches (490, 2 rows) > purple stitches (427, 3 rows) > blue stitches (361, 7 rows).

You can see how it starts as a twist, but can be formed into a whole variety of shapes! You can change it daily! :)

I have one more piece I am working on, pictures coming soon. I may post both of these for sale on my Etsy shop if I hear any interest in them.

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