Friday, February 23, 2007

Mittens Tries Modeling

Mittens has been working on his modeling skills, as he is becoming jealous of Nemo. However, he keeps getting distracted by the pretty shiny beads of Mom's necklaces.

The light box is a favorite place for us cats to sit. It is so warm, with all the daylight bulbs shining on you! Mom loves to take our pictures, too, so it works out great!

Aren't we just photogenic!

Too bad Emma and Zorro aren't here with the light box too! They would look excellent with all their black fur! We'll have to make sure to get some pictures from their mom to post up here too.

How are things in the shop? Pretty good. Our moms worked really hard to get everything up and ready for their showcase, so now they are taking a little bit of a break. They will make some more items this weekend that they can post throughout next week. It looks like they may have another custom project in the works, too. How did the showcase go, you ask? Well, pretty good. The view counters aren't always correct, but it looks like a lot of people checked out the Lazy Cat Gifts site. And we got lots of hearts! We made it to over 100 hearts! Hopefully some people will come back to buy our moms' beautiful crochet!

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groovyinclinations said...


You are very talented and I just love your cats--yum!!