Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mom's turn at Geometry and Crochet

We're going to let Mom explain this one....

I was inspired by a thread in the Etsy forums to try to make some "geometric" crochet. I started out with the hyperbolic plane, where you add a stitch ever N stitches such that the surface area of the plane expands with each row. It starts out as a curly-q and then can be twisted to form all sorts of cool shapes. Here are the beginnings of my first attempts:

H-hook, N=4

F-hook, N=2

I hope to add more rows and more colors to these as they grow.

Here is the original article (love the pictures in this one)

and here are crude instructions (I'm going for rho=4cm)

I'll come back and post more pictures as this progresses. If anyone is excited about purchasing it, use the email link to the left. Please feel free to leave any comments below.

And, I promised I would put something in about the cats, so here are Nemo and Mittens being super cuddly:

PS (from the Cats): Our moms' shop has also been featured as a "spotlight seller" on DIY Divas! Check out their feature!

Also, the Aspen Necklace and Earrings set is featured on so please check that out as well!

We are working our way up the ladder to fame... ;)

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