Monday, February 12, 2007


Hello! Welcome all humans, and meow to all felines!

We are the Lazy Cats. Our names are Nemo Puff, Mr. Michigan Mittens, Zorro Kole, and Emma.

Zorro Kole was the original Queen Bee, and she is the oldest of our family. She turns 5 on Valentine's Day! She is all black, with one little white spot on her neck. Zorro lives with her sister Emma in Philadelphia. Emma will turn 3 on St. Patrick's Day! Emma is also all black, except she has an itsy bitsy teeny weeny white bikini bottom on. Zorro and Emma used to live in Ann Arbor, near their cousins Nemo and Mittens. Hopefully they will move back soon!

Emma's biological brother is Mr. Michigan Mittens. They were adopted from the shelter at the same time. Mittens will also be 3 years old on St. Patrick's Day. He wears a tuxedo all day long and has extra toes. His polydactylity allows him to open doors, play catch, and generally get into trouble. Mittens lives with his little brother Nemo. Nemo is fluffy and orange, and he is the baby of the group, because his 3rd birthday isn't until June 3. He acts like the baby kitten too! He still looks up to his big brother Mittens.

Our moms are all friends and used to live in Ann Arbor together. And they love to crochet! We love to help, because wire and yarn are fun to chew on. The Lazy Cats are good crochet-ers, just like our moms! So many people paid our moms compliments about our work (yes, we take the credit for it--we are the inspiration!), that our moms decided to try to sell some of their work. As they recognized our significant contribution to the work, they named their little business:
Lazy Cat Gifts.

The started selling at a craft show, and now they are selling online in their Etsy store, which is also named after us: See--we are very important to this endeavor!

However, we wish our moms would work a little less and spend more time sleeping and sitting with us. (We think they would like this, too). But they say, "Someone has to bring home the Kibbles!" And we sure do love our Kibbies! (especially Nemo).

So, while our moms are working hard at crochet, we decided we would make a blog. (Mittens is an extra good typist, because of his thumbs.) That way we can let all know about how special we are.

Well, that's it for our little welcome. Hopefully we'll be back again soon to tell you more about us and our moms. And pictures! We need more pictures! In the meantime, you can find some more pictures of us in our mom's store. Also, we have some Catster pages that are worth looking at. All these sites are the Links area to the left. But, with this blog, we are going BIG TIME!

Meow to all!
The Lazy Cats
Nemo, Mittens, Emma, and Zorro

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